Eco-poetics – A Poet’s Plight for Justice

Poets have a strong vision of the world where the natural order needs to be protected and restored. They may gaze up to the night sky, contemplate answers as planets carve messages for us. Siobhan Hodge is a star gazer of creative esteem who has been at Kalang examining themes of ‘space ownership’ for her collection, ‘Andrometrics’. From Western Australia, a state beleaguered by resource mining, Siobhan knows the potential for ecological havoc if humanity starts exploiting the cosmos. Her poems implore us to ponder ‘who owns materials found in space’? It has been a privilege to have the erudite Siobhan writing and editing here, with many excellent exchanges to trigger trajectories of learning.

Siobhan also has a life-long adoration for horses. Her forthcoming poetry book, ‘Justice for Romeo’ (Cordite Books, 2018), exposes civilization’s transgressions against horses. In this book, her two abiding interests – horses and poetry – form an investigative discourse. One imagines Siobhan chiselling a large-scale horse effigy out of limestone, creating her own giant ‘Luzley White Horse’ in an outback paddock, an imposing message only to be perceived from the vantage point of the heavens.

It has been an honour to meet Siobhan, the inaugural winner of the Kalang Award! We look forward to celebrate her new poetry publications in 2018!

Photo: Siobhan Hodge

Photo: Siobhan Hodge

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